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Long Term Financing

Ground Up Construction


Most commonly known as Fix and Flip - We finance most of the purchase and usually all of the renovation costs. Use our money to increase your return on your next flip. We have renovation programs for 1-4 Family and 5+ units.

  • Finance Up to 85% of Purchase Price

  • Finance Up to 100% of Renovation Costs

  • Minimum Loan is $75,000, Minimum ARV $100,000


Sometimes you need short term financing for a property that does not need renovation You just need to hold it for a while.

  • Finance Up to 80% of Purchase Price

  • Terms from 12-60 months

  • Minimum Loan is $75,000, Property Value $100,000


This is 30 - 40 Year Terms, and Fixed Rates.

  • Finance Up to 85% of Purchase Price

  • Refinance Up to 80% of Appraised Value

  • Minimum Loan is $75,000, Property Value $100,000


YES, we finance construction loans for investment.

1-4 Family ground up construction. Find the lot, built the home, sell the home, rinse, repeat.

  • Finance Up to 75% of Land Purchase

  • Finance Up to 75% of Construction Costs

  • Minimum Loan is $250,000

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